Amusement Parks In Kolkata

1. Nicco Park

Attraction: Roller coasters, Paddle Boat, Toy Train, Water Coaster, moon rakers, water chutes. Ticket Price: Rs.300 Per Person

2. Eco Park

Attraction: Greenery, pond around the Park, Artificially made 7 Wonders of the Worlds, and the biggest island in the middle of the park. Ticket Price: Rs.30 Per Person

3. Aquatica

Attraction: Slides, Themed Rides, Niagara Falls and an artificial waterfall called Aqua Dance Floor,  Cyclone Ride Ticket Price: For Adults, Rs. 800 per person.  For Children, Rs. 500 per person.

4. Snow Park

Attraction: Snowfields, ice skating, biking on the ice, enjoying tube slides, riding Swiss sleds. Ticket Price: Rs. 500 per person. 

5. Wet-O-Wild

Attraction: Wave pools, water chutes, water slides Ticket Price: Rs. 600 per person. 

6. Science City

Attraction: Space theater, mirror magic, an Artificial time machine,  and a 3-D theater Ticket Price: Rs. 50 per person (Only Entry Fee).