9 Best Sea Beaches Near Kolkata For Endless Fun (2024)

Beaches Near Kolkata

Are you exploring the main Kolkata? and as a Travel lover, Are you finding the nearest beaches in Kolkata? 

Here, I’m gonna show you the 9 Sea Beaches Near Kolkata which provide you endless seaside fun.

The serene atmosphere of the sea beach scene blends beautifully with the blue waves to create a fascinating picture that will induce every wandering desire to see these hidden gems.

So, if you want to feel the vibes of the sea, you will definitely visit these Sea Beaches Near Kolkata.

Best Beaches Near Kolkata

1. Digha Beach

Digha is a very famous beach in West Bengal for its natural environment which reveals a unique old-world charm. Surrounded by palm trees that sway in the strong winds, Digha is one of the favorite vacation destinations of the locals and tourists. Now The beach is further divided into two sections, namely Old Digha and New Digha Beach by the West Bengal Government.

Although the old Digha beach is influenced by a line of rocky sculptures, the new Digha beach is perfect for the beach bums. On the Beach, there are lines with a number of stores that sell items made with Seashell that you can take back as souvenirs and decorate your home.

Ideal For:Families, friends, and couples
Ideal Trip Duration:1-2 days
Weather:21 °C-30 °C
Best Time To Visit:October-February

Digha Beach in Google Map:

2. Sagar Beach

Sagar Beach is mainly dedicated to the Gangasagar. Gangasagar is known as Sagar Island and is one of the most visited beaches near Kolkata. In January, there are lots of people from nature lovers to devout who are coming here for the “Gangasagar Mela”  festival, every year.

 If you are a beach lover then Sea Beach located on Sea Island will fulfill all your dreams with a relaxing vacation. From enjoying the sunrise and sunset view to taking a relaxing dip on Crystal Clear Beach, there are many things you can do on the beach. 

Ideal For:Families, friends, and couple
Ideal Trip Duration:1-2 days
Weather:20 °C – 35 °C
Best Time To Visit:October-January

Sagar Beach in Google Map:

3. Bakkhali Beach

Bakkhali is one of the most popular beaches in the region and the perfect place to visit with your loved ones to spend a holiday. The best part about it is that its beauty remains intact despite a large number of tourists.

Bakkhali is one of the most crowded beaches along the coast of West Bengal, which is crowded with many tourists and locals. There are many more attractions to the beach beside the blue water and the sound of the waves.

Bakkhali is a complete destination, with a variety of attractions for all types of travelers. For example, if you would like to see plants and animals thrive in their natural habitat, you can visit the Bhagwatpur Crocodile Project near Bakkhali and also a walk from Bakkhali to Frazerhanj.

Ideal For:Families, friends, and couples
Ideal Trip Duration:1-2 days
Weather:20 °C-41 °C
Best Time To Visit:October-March

Bakkhali Beach in Google Map:

4. Kiran Sea Beach

Kiran Beach on Henry’s Island is one of the best picturesque beach resorts that will surely enter you with its beauty and charm. You can do a lot of things with your partner and gang-like Diving on the Beach, Bird Watching, and many more.

Some of the Birds categories on these beaches are, the black-rumped flame-backed woodpecker, whistling duck the common snip, and kingfisher.

Ideal For:Families, friends, and couples
Ideal Trip Duration:1-2 days
Weather:20 °C – 41 °C
Best Time To Visit:September-April

Kiran Beach in Google Map:

5. Tajpur Beach

Tajpur Beach is a very beautiful Sun-kissed Beach that is filled up with Casuarina Tree. The picturesque location of the beach provides much-needed leisure for those who want to escape from their corporate chains. In addition to the white sand and the speed sound of the sea waves, another important aspect that sets this beach apart is its pristine environment.

You can take a long walk along the length of the coastline at low tide and also collect Seashells. Near the beach, there are lots of restaurants where you can eat various kinds of seafood. It will be a great trip to Tajpur beach will forever be engraved in the memory line as the most famous beach near Kolkata.

Ideal For:Families, friends, and couples
Ideal Trip Duration:1-2 days
Weather:21 °C-27 °C
Best Time To Visit:October-February

Tajpur Beach in Google Map:

6. Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur Beach is exactly located in Digha Beach. Basically, Shakarpur Beach is known as its Twin Beach of Digha.A view of the sunset on the beach; The sun seems to be declaring its love for the sea by trying to kiss. Although the beach scene is still shrouded in mystery which does not hinder the popularity of the coastline.

Shankarpur Beach is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to be free from the bustle of the city. The Beach is lined with tall casuarina and palm trees that seem desperate to touch the sky. Now, when most of the scenic getaways are full of tourists, Shankarpur is far from the public eye, that is why you can enjoy the sea vibe without public noise.

Ideal For:Families, friends, and couples
Ideal Trip Duration:1-2 days
Weather:20 °C-36 °C
Best Time To Visit:September-February

Shankarpur Beach in Google Map:

7. Mandarmani Beach

The long list of beaches near Kolkata would be incomplete without Mandarmani Beach, a nature paradise. Mandarmani has wide beaches and it is one of the best places for couples for romance. Mandarmani village, a quaint and sleepy village, has recently become a hotbed of tourism activity. The growing interest of the beach travel community is a good sign for the local tourism-based industry.

Mandarmani beach is full of activities, especially for those looking for a day out. When tall palm trees sway in the wind and ignore the crystal-clear water, the coastline is also home to parasailing activity. The long coastline of Mandarmani Beach is perfect for those who like to drive and walk on the shore.

Ideal For:Families, friends, and couples
Ideal Trip Duration:1-2 days
Weather:22 °C-36 °C
Best Time To Visit:October-February

Mandarmani Beach in Google Map:

8. Chandipur Beach

Chandipur Beach is one of the best beaches near Kolkata which is especially known for its Horseshoe and Captivating sunsets. Chandipur beach is the ideal place for those tired souls who are looking for a break from their stressful life. 

Chandipur Beach is located in the Baleshwar district of Odisha.  The first thing in the morning is to make the most of your trip. On this beach, you can relax, evening walks, or meditate on yourself.

Ideal For:Families, friends, and couples
Ideal Trip Duration:1-2 days
Weather:22 °C – 40 °C
Best Time To Visit:October – February

Chandipur Beach in Google Map:

9. Talasari Beach

Talasari beach is a stunning beach surrounded by palm trees which are located in Baleswar District, Odisha. Talsari is made up of two words, ‘tal’ which means palm tree, and ‘sari’ which translates as a row in English.

 If you are looking for a secluded beach that is familiar to some locals and not crowded then Talasari beach is your favorite place. Plan your escape to Talasari Beach and get ready to enjoy the beautiful view of the glistening sand and clear water. This picturesque beach is surrounded by coconut groves, paddy fields.

You can play several games, make fun of and do some exciting things with your partner and group. In addition, you can also get some seafood such as shrimp curry and other shrimp and crab delicacies from a nearby food stall on the beach.

Ideal For:Families, friends, and couples
Ideal Trip Duration:1-2 days
Weather:21 °C – 30 °C
Best Time To Visit:October-February

Talasari Beach in Google Map:

FAQs on Sea Beaches Near Kolkata

  1. Is there any beach near Kolkata?

    Kolkata is a landlocked city and doesn’t have to own a beach. But, there are 9 sea beaches near Kolkata.

  2. Which sea is in Kolkata?

    Basically, Kolkata is a landlocked city besides the Ganges River. But, Kolkata as well as West Bengal is located in the Bay of Bengal.

  3. Is Digha beach in Kolkata?

    Digha is the most popular beach in West Bengal. It is located 187 km southwest of Kolkata. Basically, Digha is exactly located in the Purba Medinipur District of West Bengal.

  4. How many beaches are there in West Bengal?

    There is a total of 7 Beaches in West Bengal and from the far distance there another 2 sea beaches are located in Odisha and Bengal Border, one is Chandipur Beach and another is Talasari Beach.

  5. Which is better Mandarmani or Digha?

    Both places are good, Mandarmani or Digha because of the better beaches and better transportation from Kolkata. Digha is famous for its rock beach and on the other hand, Mandarmani is famous for its natural view.

  6. Is Mandarmani safe for unmarried couples?

    Yes. Definitely. Staying Hotel in Mandarmani and exploring the sightseeing of Mandarmani is safe for unmarried couples.

  7. Is Mandarmani beach safe for couples?

    Hmm, the Mandarmani beach is safe for married couples.


In short, It is very important to take a break from your busy life and spend some time on a beautiful beach to enjoy the vibe of Sunrise and sunset which fresh your mind. So, these are the Offbeat Beaches near Kolkata, which you can visit with your partner, family, and friends.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Did you already visit any of one of these beaches?

Or, Might be planning to visit?

Anyway, Let me know in the comment Right Now.

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