Bhalki Machan: Everything to Know Before You Visit (2024)

Bhalki Machan

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About Bhalki Machan

Bhalki Machan is an ideal weekend gateway to Kolkata, located in Birbhum District, West Bengal. The name Bhalki Machan literally translates to an advanced platform used for bear hunting.  It was covered with dense forest and was attacked by several wild animals including bears.

If you are desperate in your busy daily life and hustle bustle city, either you can visit the picnic spots in Kolkata or go on the short trip to Burdwan, Bhalki Machan. The place covered with red soil also carries some historical significance with sheer peace and emerald greenery.

What are the Best Places to see at Bhalki Machan?

The main attraction of Bhalki Machan is a huge man-made lake amidst dense vegetation. Basically, the place was reserved by Zamindar. While you visit the place, I am sure you will be very excited to learn more information about the place. 

Zamindars are used to build watchtowers (machan) at one side of the water body and hunt wild animals using bows, arrows, and guns. That’s why This place has given the place its name Bhalki Machan

When you will walking through the forest, you will see an Age-Old Watchtower which was made by the ancient Zamindars. There was a far-reaching tunnel built beneath this watchtower. It may be true for you can locate a partly filled hole at the site, though nothing can be concluded firmly. However, it can be said that these enchanting stories will surely enrich your holiday adventurous experience in the place.

According to folklore and local people, the Machan served as an advanced hunting platform, which the local kings and Zamindars are used to hunt bears.

What are the Nearby attractions of Bhalki Machan?

The Nearby main attractions of Bhalki Machan are Bolpur, Shantiniketan(Place of Rabindranath), Durgapur, Deul Park, and Burdwan city.

What Things to do at Machan?

You can wander around the forest area and spend time near the lake. If you visit this place with the gang, you can get free space to have a picnic. You can also visit the nearby ruins and stay lazy on the lawn of the resort.

How to reach Bhalki Machan?

There are 2 ways to reach the Bhalkimachan;

  • By Train
  • By Private Car

By Train: You can get on the train from Howrah station and get off at Guskara or Mankar Station. Then you need to take Local transport Like Auto, Bus, Private Car to go to the exact location Bhalki Machan from the railway station.

By Car: If one comes by car, one can reach Durgapur by taking Panagarh Highway and reach Bhalki Machan.

Exact Location of Bhalki Machan in Google Map:

What is the Best time to visit this Place?

Basically, there are no fixed times or seasons to visit the place, anyone can visit the Bhalki Machan every time throughout the year.

Aranya Sundari: The Lodging facilities at Bhalki Machan

Aranya Sundari Resort welcomes everyone to visit the Bhalki Machan and Nearby area, the resort is maintained by The local panchayat committee.  Currently, the ownership of the resort has been transferred to private hands. Aranya Sundari is surrounded by gazebos, play parks, and many other facilities. 

There is a huge man-made body of water beside the resort. The whole shore of the waterbody is beautifully decorated with parks, walkways, seasonal flowers, shades of relaxation, and sights. In fact, There are also boating facilities on the lake. A Statue of a Bear stood in the front of the tourist complex, signifying that it is the land of bears.

Walking along the reservoir will take you to the dense jungles adjacent to Birbhum and Jharkhand. Although today, it is very difficult to see Bear, it is rarely found. The forest area is full of other wildlife and the most dangerous of these is the wild elephant herd that often comes from the surrounding Dalma Elephant Corridor.

Aatchala Terracotta Temples

When you walk a few kilometers along the red mud road to the village, You can see the prominent Mud beautiful show the rural scenery of West Bengal. There are ruins of some Aatchala style terracotta temples which were once adorned with rich terracotta ornaments which were clearly visible from its ruins.

In addition, there are also several attractions around Bhalki Machan, Jamunadighi – a beautiful retreat with several reservoirs maintained by the State Fisheries Development Corporation.  Dariapur, a village of Dokra artisans which is slowly becoming a popular destination for handicraft tourism and forests at Orgram Retreat near Gushkara.


In Short, Bhalki Machan is the perfect place for a short Adventurous trip. So, I hope you get all the information about Bhalki Machan and its nearest attraction.

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