Golpatar Jungle: A One Day Trip From Kolkata in 2024 | Taki Golpata Forest

Golpatar Jungle

Do you want to visit or picnic in India- Bangladesh Border?

Do you know about Mini Sundarban?

Probably, you think now, I know Sundarban, Royal Bengal Tiger. But, What is this? Don’t worry.

In this article, I am gonna show you everything about Golpatar Jungle, also known as Mini Sundarban.

Golpatar Jungle

Golpatar Jungle, also known as Mini Sundarban, is a bit unknown to the people of Main Kolkata city. Taki Golpatar Forest is Located under the Hasnabad police station in Basirhat subdivision of North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal, India.

As the name implies, the jungle of Golpata is full of Golpata trees. The Sundarbans, named after the famous beautiful trees, are also found in abundance here. Maybe that’s why the Golpata Jungle is considered the gateway to the Sundarbans.

Area overview of Golpatar Jungle and Taki

Golpatar Jungle is actually located on the banks of the river Ichamati which separates India and Bangladesh. The Golpata forest marks the point where the river is so narrow that it brings the two countries closer together. 

In 2019, my friends and I visited this place. When we were entering the exact Location of Golpatar Jungle, we crossed one Indian Village and many BSF camps. Before entering and Landing the exact forest, we have to submit our Aadhar Card. After checking our ID, BSF got approval to enter the forest.

There are no fences on either side of the river and the river is considered an international boundary. People on both banks are free to use the river but crossing the land is strictly forbidden. 

As we already know about Taki in my existing article, Best Picnic Spot near Kolkata, Taki is one of the middle points of India and Bangladesh Border. 

In Taki, you can enjoy the experience of meeting the people of Bangladesh in the middle of the river, on the river where tourists from both countries can see from different countries by boat. 

There are many places in Taki Municipality such are Kuleshwari kali temple, 3 River Point, 300 Year Old Shiva Temple, Ancestral Home of Shankar Roychowdhury (17th Chief of Army Staff of India)

 The municipality has also created a little Park, named Taki Eco Park where you can see a variety of birds and fish. It also has boating facilities in the Park.

How to reach Golpatar Jungle from Kolkata

There are 2 ways to reach Golpatar Jungle in Taki:

  1. You can take a Sealdah Hasnabad Local Train from Sealdah Station and reach Taki Road Station. After reaching the station, you need to take local Van or Toto to reach the forest
  2. In addition to the Train Journey, you can take Bus Taki Road from Barasat or Dharmatala, which is stopped in Basirhat. And, from Basirhat, you need to take Bus, Auto or any car.

Location Google Map:

Culture of Taki

Taki is known for its sweetness called “Chhanar Malpoya“. Taki is the famous tourist Picnic spot besides Ichamati River. During Durga Puja Bijoya Dashami, Taki is the best place to visit, because, you will see Durga Protima of both country India and Bangladesh taken on the Ichamati River.

Can I do a Picnic in Golpatar Jungle?

Yes. You can do a Picnic in Golpatar Jungle. As if it is the border, you have to first get permission from BSF. But, for locals, there is no need for Permission.

By the way, Apart from Golpatar Jungle, you can have a picnic in Taki anywhere without any BSF permission.


  1. What is Golpatar Jungle?

    Golpatar Jungle, also known as Mini Sundarban, is a bit unknown to the people of Main Kolkata city. As the name implies, the Golpatar Jungle is full of Golpata trees. The famous Sundari trees are also available here, that is why the Golpata forest is considered as the gateway to the Sundarban.

  2. What is the Best time to visit Golpatar Jungle?

    Throughout the year, Everyone can Visit Taki Golpatar Jungle. There is no special time to visit Golpatar Jungle. It is recommended that to not visit in Rainy Season.


So, I hope you get the all information about the Golpatar Jungle of Taki OR Taki Golpata Forest, which is also known as Mini Sundarban. 

Now, I’d like to know from you:

I have already visited this place with my friends, Are you planning to visit here?

Or, have you already visited the spot?

Let me know in the comment Right Now.

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