15 Best Places to visit near Kolkata for 2 days (2024)

places to visit near kolkata for 2 days

Kolkata is a gem of Beauty. The Beauty of Kolkata is not hidden Now, People from many states of India and also from other countries. 

In this post, I’m gonna show you the 15 Best Places to visit near Kolkata for 2 days

Also recommended to visit these places with your loved ones during the festive season.

So, Let’s get started.

15 places to visit near Kolkata for 2 days

1. Rishyap


Rishyap is the place of pure Nature Gems to captivate yourself. If you are looking for a place as a nature lover, This place is nothing more than memorizing the beauty of nature and the reflection of purity.

You will find complete relaxation in a peaceful environment and love to enjoy the cool breeze here. So, if it will not visit the Rishyap, you will miss something great vibe.

  • Attractions: Nature’s beauty
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 89 Km

Location in Google Map:

2. Bakkhali


Bakkhali is one of the Popular Sea Beaches Near Kolkata. This beach is one of the recommended visiting places near Kolkata during exploring west Bengal. The enchanting Beauty of the Place and the experience of walking through the wet white sand of the beach is quite different.

Bakkhali Beach is also a great destination to visit with the family to spend an enjoyable time.

  • Attractions: natural beauty
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 138 Km

Location in Google Map:

3. Shantiniketan


Shantiniketan is a beautiful tourist attraction destination with its peaceful environment and screen, due to the rich history of its city.

We all know about Rabindranath Tagore, the world’s famous writer. The place is famous for having the great Rabindranath Tagore of India. It also has the first university in India as an attraction. To learn about the heritage of the city and its rich history, you must visit this place.

  • Attractions: Rabindranath Tagore museum, art galleries
  • Distance from Kolkata: 161.9 Km

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4. Henry’s Island

Henry’s Island
Henry Island

Henry Island is located on the west side of the Sundarbans. This place gives you a glimpse of the calm sea, the white sand, and the beauty of the rocks. With its natural beauty, this place is aging in instant popularity in a short time which is simply incomparable and cannot be described in words. This is the amazing Offbeat Weekend Gateways from Kolkata.

You can also see the mangrove forest here which makes the place unique. This place will create the perfect destination to rejuvenate you and relax to get a balanced and peaceful mindset. Be sure to visit this place to experience the untouched beauty of nature.

  • Attractions: Calm surroundings to relax
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 130 Km

Location in Google Map:

5. Krishnanagar 


Kirshnagar is a small town area near Kolkata that is mainly known for its clay modeling. It has become very popular all over the world. This place is no less than the perfect destination to visit with your family. The center of clay modeling can be seen on the banks of the Jalangi river.

You will witness many simple things and attractions that will make you believe in the magic and beauty of simplicity. The various palaces of this place connect you with the beauty of the ancient past of the place. 

  • Attractions: Forts, churches, temples
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 106.7 Km

Location in Google Map:

6. Bishnupur


Bishnupur is a town in the Bankura district in West Bengal and is one of the major attractions near Kolkata which attracts tourists for its Baluchari sarees and Terracotta Temples. The beauty of these temples is so amazing that you can’t help but admire them.

The city has a glorious past that is reflected in its rich architecture, music, and handicrafts such as pottery and weaving. The architecture of these temples is worth considering. There are also many forts that attract a large number of visitors.

  • Attractions: Visiting the terracotta Cultural temples
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 139.3 Km

Location in Google Map:

7. Junput


Junput is widely known for its beautiful beaches and attracts tourists from all over the state. Junput has a Museum of Fisheries which has a collection of special snake skeletons, rare species of fish, and various wildlife.

The fascinating scenery, and enchanting Beauty that you can experience once when you visit this place. This is an adorable place that will not let you down with your expectations.

  • Attractions: Fishing, Various temples
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 145 Km

Location in Google Map:

8. Sunderban


The Sundarban is of universal importance to endangered species worldwide, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Ganges, and many wildlife. If you love to explore various species of wildlife and wildlife, then the Sundarbans is the place for you. It is the only mangrove habitat in the world for the Panthera tigris Tigris species.

Sundarban is a very popular destination and one of the Best Picnic Spots near Kolkata which attracts a lot of tourists for its biodiversity. One of the main attractions of this wildlife wonder is the Royal Bengal Tiger. You can either go here solo based on your own Travelling Self-study of the place or hire any Travel Tourism Agency. In my opinion, I suggest you hire Travel Agency. Because there are many hidden Gems in Sunderban to explore that you can miss for lack of Knowledge. But, if you are with Travel Agency, you can explore all of them, from watching Royal Bengal Tiger at the right time to the sunset of the Sundarbans. There are many Travel agencies with Different packages in Kolkata. By the way, You can also opt for your desired Sundarban packages by Maa Laxmi Travels and have the best sunset in the Sundarbans.

  • Attractions: Wildlife species
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 109 Km

Location in Google Map:

9. Digha


Digha is one of the most famous beaches near Kolkata that is known as one of the widest beaches in the world.  No matter what time you go, you will be greeted with positivity and a warm spirit of celebration. Digha beach is the only famous place for West Bengal tourists which enhances the beauty of West Bengal. 

In Digha Beach, You will witness a huge crowd and enjoy the enthusiastic atmosphere. The Beauty of the Beach will memorize and amaze you with its charm.

  • Attractions: Water Sports and Walking on the Beach
  • Distance from Kolkata: 183 Km

Location in Google Map:

10. Mandarmani


Mandarmani is located in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal which is known as the longest beach in India. Finding a place where you can rest in the midst of the beauty of nature can be an ideal destination.

You can relax from the inside out and make you feel refreshed.  Since the place connects you with nature, it offers its visitors some breathtaking views. You will immediately fall in love with the beauty of the place which will leave no place to fascinate you.

  • Attractions: Water Sports, Nature walk 
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 170 Km

Location in Google Map:

11. Shankarpur


Shankarpur is one of the few destinations near Kolkata which is not very popular among tourists but is a beautiful creation of nature. With very few visitors, you can get extreme privacy here. You can either sit here to relax with the beautiful view of the sunset and other attractions or spend an enjoyable and pleasant evening.

  • Attractions: Splendid time with family
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 174.6 Km

Location in Google Map:

Baranti is one of the most beautiful places in Purulia which is surrounded by mountains and lakes, this place is a real destination for those who like to enjoy the simplicity and tranquil environment where they can relax. It is the ideal place to visit near Kolkata for 2 days.

12. Baranti 


The view of the sunset of Baranti Lake is breathtaking. The main attraction of this place is the captivating beauty and beautiful place with which this place has been blessed. In addition to nurturing the beauty of nature, you can witness a variety of wildlife that is hard to find anywhere else.

  • Attractions: lakes, Hill
  • Distance from Kolkata: 239 Km

Location in Google Map:

13. Murshidabad


Murshidabad is Located on the banks of Bhagirathi and is also famous for its silk. This place near Kolkata is a great attraction for those who want to explore its rich history and heritage.

There are many historical monuments that reflect the beauty and perfection of this place such are Hazarduari Palace, Nizamat Imambara, Katra Mosque,  Khosh Bagh, and Kashim Bazar. You will be amazed at the detailed work done on the interior of this space which is a clear example of a brilliant masterpiece from the past.

  • Attractions: Visiting the historical monuments
  • Distance from Kolkata: Around 209.9 Km

Location in Google Map:

14. Tajpur 


Tajpur beach is a beautiful sun-kissed beach filled with casuarina trees where you can have some fun with your family or loved ones. For those who want to escape from their corporate chains, the picturesque location of the beach provides much-needed leisure. You can take long walks along the length of the coast at low tides.

The place is simply amazing in terms of its beauty. People from all over the world visit the place to relax from the daily stress of busy life. In addition, You can try different water sports activities in this beautiful place.

  • Attractions: Paragliding and Water Sports
  • Distance from Kolkata:  Around 170 Km

Location in Google Map:

15. Panchalingeswar


Panchalingeshwar Area and the Temple of Panchalingeshwar is a beautiful attractions near Kolkata that should not be missed at any cost. From all over the world come to purify their bodies and souls.

The blessed atmosphere and peaceful atmosphere of the temple will not only fascinate you with its beauty but will also clear your mind from all kinds of negativity.

  • Attractions: Peaceful environment and Architectural beauty
  • Distance from Kolkata: 274 Km

Location in Google Map:


Take a break from Hustle Bustle of Daily life and spend an amazing, lovely time with your loved ones in these Places. I hope you have got the list of these 15 Best Places to visit near Kolkata for 2 days from this article. Visiting these places in Kolkata will help you to remove so many beautiful memories.

Now, I’d like to know you:

Have ever visited this place before?

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