20 Picnic Spots In Kolkata That Promise a Day of Fun

Picnic spots in Kolkata

Picnic with your Friends and Family is the most important thing to do to break out from Daily Stressful work lives in a bustling city.

This simple break works wonders for people to revive their stressful careers and give them some good time to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Whether you want to go out on a day trip near or in Kolkata, Safe Picnic Spots in Kolkata (especially for the family), Chiling, and funning spots for Friends. You need to find the best Picnic spot.

friends in Taki

This is a list of the 20 BEST Picnic Spots in Kolkata.

In fact, I have visited most of the spots with my friends, as a Bengali. 

The best part? 

You can make a Photo Album of Roadside Tea, Gossip Moment, and Eating Food on these Picnic Spots.

Take a look at these picnic spots near Kolkata and find out which one to visit next weekend.

20 Nearby picnic spots in Kolkata

Picnic spots near Kolkata up to 50 kmPicnic spots near Kolkata from 50 km to 150 kmPicnic spots near Kolkata from 150 km to 250 km
BarrackporeDiamond HarborShantiniketan
Babur HaatPiyali IslandSusunia
FaltaSunderban Tiger CampMukutmanipur
Chinsurah Machranga DweepChinsurah

1. Barrackpore

Quite close to Kolkata, Barrackpore is a one-day picnic spot near Kolkata with its eminent historical significance. It is known for having the main role in the country’s freedom fight,  the place has attractions that pay homage to the martyrs of the war which is making it a popular tourist place. The museum of Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi Ghat, Mangal Pandey Park, and Jawahar Kunj Garden are some such attractions of this picnic place.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 33 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March
  • How to reach: Several trains from Sealdah or Bus, AutoRoute

Location in Google Map:

2. Bawali

Bawali Hall is a farmhouse for a picnic near Kolkata. Bawali is One of the most popular picnic spots near Kolkata, a treasure trove of greenery and tranquility. In addition to the view of the wounded eye, the place also offers some interesting activities for tourists like fish farming and walking in nature.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 35 km
  • Best Time To Visit: every time
  • How to reach: 1hr. 40mins. Drive

Location in Google Map:

3. Babur Haat

Spend a rustic and traditional day in Babur Haat. Babur Haat is the setup for the romance is your cup of tea or coffee. This Prominent village, Babur Haat in North 24 Parganas, is a comfortable distance from Kolkata which makes it one of the best options for picnics spots near Kolkata. There is also a facility for Fishing in Lake.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 48 km
  • Best Time To Visit: Early summers
  • How to reach: 2 hours drive

Location in Google Map:

4. Raichak

Raichak is a small town on the banks of the Bhagirathi-Hooghly River. It is a popular and well know safe place for a one-day picnic spot picnic spots in Kolkata. Due to the presence of Raichak Fort, there is a super luxurious hotel on its premises, the place is very hospitable to guests and promises a great experience.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 50 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October and March
  • How to reach: 2 hours 30 minutes drive

Location in Google Map:

5. Falta

Falta is the place that is the confluence of the Hugli, Damodar, and Rupnarayan rivers. Quite an Experience, This beautiful destination offers guests a number of activities to make their day fun. Some of these common activities are ferrying on the river, a brisk walk along the river, and playing football and cricket beside the river.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 50 km
  • Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year
  • How to reach: drive of 2hours and 15 minutes, well connected with trains also

Location in Google Map:

6. Diamond Harbor

The point where the Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal Sea has to be a sight to behold and it promises to be Diamond Harbor. Yes, at Diamond Harbor, you will be standing very close to the largest delta in the world. Visit the port of Diamond to see the wide and majestic river which is often confused with the sea. At Diamond Harbour, You will get many farmhouses for a picnic. That’s why Diamond Harbour is one of the Best Picnic Spots in Kolkata.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 58 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March
  • How to reach: 2 hours 30 minutes drive

Location in Google Map:

7. Taki

Taki is a small town on the banks of the Ichamati River, the place that takes you closer to the country of Bangladesh. Standing in the Taki Ichamati River, you can see Bangladesh on the opposite side of the river. Taki is only a 25 minutes train journey from my house. Golpatar Jungle beside the Ichamati River in Taki is very popular. In addition, there are also several local attractions that serve as good attractions, all in all, this picnic spot near Kolkata is a complete package.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 67 km
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter season
  • How to reach: 2 hours and 30 minutes drive or you can take a train till Taki.

Location in Google Map:

8. Dhamakhali

Dhamakhali is One of the entrances to the Ganges Delta in the Sundarbans and one of the picnic spots near Kolkata. Among the activities that Dhamakhali offers for tourists are boating and adventurous nature walks in the dense forest.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 74 km
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter season
  • How to reach: 2 hours and 30 minutes drive.

Location in Google Map:

9. Piyali Island

Piyali Island is the mainland connected to the mainland over the Piyali River. This island is the perfect place for those who want to picnic in a forest a little similar to the Sundarbans. Those who love to witness some beautiful nature places will love to visit Piyali Island. In Conclusion, Piyali Island is another option for one-day picnic spots in Kolkata.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 70 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March
  • How to reach: Conveniently accessible by car, trains come to the South Barasat station from where shared trekkers can be hired.

Location in Google Map:

10. Sunderban Tiger Camp

Sunderban is very famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger. The main attraction of this Sunderban is the Royal Bengal Tiger. This is not a place you want to miss in the world. Thousands of nature and animal lovers visit the Sundarban Tiger Camp

A picnic with the prospect of a nearby Royal Bengal Tiger must be a thrilling experience, to say the least. Evey Picnic Group rents a boat of 20-30 people and boats it on the river to see the Royal Bengal Tiger beside the river forest. To add some more mystery to the place, the spot is adorned with Watchtowers that offer unparalleled views. 

  • Distance from Kolkata: 74 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March 
  • How to reach: 2 hours and 30 minutes drive.

Location in Google Map:

11. Frazerganj

Frazerganj feels its unique presence when it comes to planning a one-day picnic spot near Kolkata. By the sea, this place is ideal for spending some time at sunset with your family or friends, to enjoy the wonderful shade of the sea. It is one of the great places for couples to enjoy and spend their time. Moreover, this spot is also very close to the delta, which makes the environment of the place cool and airy.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 125 km
  • Best Time To Visit: July to March
  • How to reach: drive for 3 hours 30 minutes or hire a tourist bus

Location in Google Map:

12. Machranga Dweep

This popular place around Kolkata is a delight when it comes to picnics. The true meaning of the place is Kingfisher Bird Island. It is located between the Bhasa River and Ichhamati river with India on one side and Bangladesh on the other. The chirping of birds, which is not a common sound in cities, creates background music by staying in your place.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 113 km
  • Best Time To Visit: All around the year
  • How to reach: From Taki or Hasnabad hire a local boat

Location in Google Map:

13. Shantiniketan

Without visiting the residence of the World’s most famous writer Rabindranath Tagore, A trip to West Bengal is incomplete. Santiniketan, the cultural capital of the region, is a place to hang out if you have the idea of relaxing with some beautiful music and dance performances. From art galleries to museums that remind the era of Rabindranath, this place can hold anyone for a whole day. This is a great place for a day trip to Kolkata.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 162 km
  • Best Time To Visit: All around the year
  • How to reach: well connected through road and rail transport

Location in Google Map:

14. Ajodhya Hills

Located in the Purulia district, Ayodhya hills is a great picnic spot in West Bengal for those who love to track in rock. The Ayodhya Hills is a high mountain with Tableland on it. There are many small streams that have flowed through the slopes and joined Kumari and Kangsavati in the north and Subarnarekha in the west. Ayodhya Hill offers an opportunity to feel adventurous activities like rock climbing, Mountaineering.

  • Distance From Kolkata: 325 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March
  • How To Reach: Take a train from Howrah to Adra and from there board a bus to Raghunathpur.

Location in Google Map:

15. Junput

The most attractive feature of Junput beach is Virginity. But when with siding of serenity and peace the place becomes really surreal. Junput Beach is a tailor-made option for everyone if the main purpose behind the Sunday trip is monopoly and serenity with your Partner. This place offers a quiet and serene environment to revive your energy over the weekend, away from the hustle of the city.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 145 km
  • Best Time To Visit: All around the year
  • How to reach: Drive along the Digha highway, head 9kms ahead of Digha

Location in Google Map:

16. Tajpur

Tajpur is a new visiting place to explore in West Bengal on your weekends or anytime which has created a special place in the field of tourism. Tajpur is the place to go for adrenaline junkies. Full of activities like kayaking, zorbing, paragliding, and rafting, this place is a famous picnic spot for adventure seekers near Kolkata.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 180kms
  • Best Time To Visit: All around the year
  • How to reach: 3-hour drive; the bus can also opt till Chaulkhola

Location in Google Map:

17. Baranti

Baranti is a small tribal village in Purulia District. Baranta Village is popular for its nearby lake Baranti Lake.

This small place offers special facilities that make a picnic one of the most memorable experiences with the feeling of Lake View. Some of these distinguished experiences include the opportunity to visit some of the smaller hills in the area, hiking in a dense jungle, and camping.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 235 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March
  • How to reach: 6 hours drive

Location in Google Map:

18. Susunia Hill

Susunia Hill is one of the most famous picnic spots near Kolkata which is located at an altitude of 1442 feet. With some rare flowers and rocks that bring adventurous stimuli to you, Susunia Hill enhances its charm more in spring. This spot offers the opportunity to engage in trekking and climbing which makes it at the top of the to-do list for adventure seekers.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 200 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March
  • How to reach: 4 hours drive

Location in Google Map:

19. Mukutmanipur

The choice of many travelers, Mukutmanipur is another great pick from the list of top picnic spots near Kolkata. Not only is this a beautiful little place on the banks of the river, but it also has places like Kangsabati Dam and Sonajhuri Nature Park to entertain the tourists. With several temples, nature parks, and viewpoints, Mukutmanipur proves to be another great picnic spot in Kolkata.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 250 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March
  • How to reach: Howrah to Bankkra by Train

Location in Google Map:

20. Chinsurah

In the Hooghly district, Chinsurah is a  picnic spot near Kolkata which is located on the banks of the mighty Hooghly River. Being a beautiful place, the place attracts a huge crowd of people who come here to enjoy the enchanting beauty. The abundance of architectural wonders like churches, and old buildings adorn the landscape.

  • Distance from Kolkata: 53 km
  • Best Time To Visit: October to March
  • How to reach: Kolkata to Chinsurah (Chuchura) by train

Location in Google Map:


Finding the Best Picnic Spots in Kolkata, and Planning to Enjoy the picnic will help you quickly refresh your mind and feel energetic.

When choosing a Spot, make sure to look into the Destination and Safety Facility exactly before planning a final decision.

So those are my favorite 20 Best Picnic Spots in Kolkata.

And now I’d like to hear from you:

Are there any Spots or Places that you like… but didn’t see on this list?

Let me know in the comment section below right now.

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  1. Prity mandal

    Sundarban is one of best place for picnic spot in kolkata. Almost, every bengali visit Sundarban for picnic. It is the Great picnic gateway. Last winter, my family and relatives arrange picnic here. We rent a boat for picnic on the River. There I really see in my eyes Royal Bengal Tiger at bank of the River who drinks water. It was the greatest memory ever.

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