Sitong, an Orange Village of North Bengal (visit in 2024)


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Overview of Sitong

Surrounded by luxurious orange orchards is a newly found jewel called Sitong in North Bengal. Also known as the Orange Village, Sitong is a strange Lepcha Hamlet. Sitong is one of the most untouched parts of the foothills of the Darjeeling Himalayas. 

This small picturesque Lepcha village is a valley that is crossed by a river (open) and protected by green hills. Sitong is an offbeat destination near Darjeeling with an altitude of 4000 feet. Sitong’s pristine environment and serene climate have made it an ideal destination to escape the summer heat of the plains.

Each house in Sitong has a garden and each garden has orange trees. Especially, In winter the whole village turns an orange color.  Sitong with watery oranges in the mouth and the surreal scene of Kanchenjunga has captivated the minds of many travelers.

When you are exploring Sitong, you will find a Sitong church, Bridge, Orange Garden, and a few muddy streams and a river, which the locals like to call the Riang River

What Places to see in Sitong?

The Sitong is very famous for its orange cultivation, in the winter months, the whole area becomes orange with orange orchards. 

  • You can visit Sitong Church, which was made of bamboo, but now it is now re-built-in with brick and cement. The place is nicely located with a view of the surrounding mountains.
  • There is a very old monastery in the Upper area of Sitong Village. The amazing fact is, this full monastery is made of bamboo and mud. It is the ideal place to see the Kanchenjunga range in its full glory.
  • There is Bridge is over the Riang River, named Jogighat.It is a common picnic spot for tourists and can also find small streams and the bridge is the ideal place to revive the spirit.

What Things to do in Sitong?

People visit Sitong to feel and enjoy the serenity of Nature, especially winter, the Orange vibe of every side is just awesome. You can Enjoy long nature walks along with the Sitong village and peek into the traditional lifestyle of the Lepchas, eat as many oranges as possible and go to church to get some solace. 

In addition, you can lite treks in the village with the guidance of villagers and Tourist Guide. You can also enjoy a dip with your friends in the Riang River. For Enthusiastic Bird Watchers, Sitong is one of the great places, for its Orange color in winter, a wide variety of Birds attracts the village.

Best Attractions around Sitong

Sitong is not an isolated tourist destination, there are many old and new tourist destinations around the village. In fact, all of them still retain their original beauty and have not yet become a common tourist destination.

The cinchona village of Rabindranath Tagore in Mongpu is just 20 km away and the highest point of Latpanchar – Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is 13 km. Latpanchar is the endangered Rufus Naked Hornbill, which nests here between April and September each year.

Other tourist destinations like Kurseong, Dilaram, Bagora are within 20 kilometers from Sitong. Chatakpur, a picture-perfect village of the Central Wildlife Sanctuary, is also within 30 km.

Best time to visit Sitong

The best time to visit Sitong is in November, December and January. The Colour of the village changes into full Oranges in late December and early January. Sitong is located about 4000 feet above sea level so it is a great place to lose heat in summer. 

How to reach Sitong?

There are 3 ways to reach this naturally blessed Lepcha village. 

  • First from Siliguri-Sevoke-Latpanchar. The distance from Siliguri to Sitang via Latpanchar is around 55 km.
  • The second route is from Siliguri-Ramvi-Mongpu. The distance from Siliguri to Sitong is around 78 km. 
  • The last route is Kursiyong-Dilaram-Bogora-Ghareitar. It is a steep path. The distance from Cursing to Sitong is around 75 kilometers.

Exact Location in Google Map:

Accommodation  in Sitong Guest house

You do not have to worry about their accommodation when traveling to Sitong. There is a Church Guest House in Sitong which has Modern facilities for Tourists. In Church Guest House, rooms are an attached western bathroom, and a balcony with a beautiful view of the Sitting Orange Valley. There is a fireplace in the lobby where you can enjoy a relaxing evening with your friends and family.

Final Word

In short, In the Winter season, visiting Sitong is one of the amazing places for travel. I hope you have found all the necessary information about Sitong from this article.

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