Susunia Hill: Know Before You go to Plan for a Trip in 2024

Susunia Hill

In this article, I am gonna show you complete details about Susunia Hill which is located in Bankura District, West Bengal.

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Susunia Hill, Bishnupur Overview

Susunia Hills nestles in South West Bengal, India. On the way to Bankura-Purulia District, Susunia Hills is one of the best Picnic spots in Kolkata and a great place to spend a weekend with friends but if you want to take some time out of your busy schedule and spend some moments on your own, Susunia is alluring. Susunia Hills at an altitude of approx 1400 feet is a famous place in the Bankura district for indigenous sports like rock climbing and trekking.

The whole hill is covered with beautiful shrubs, royal trees, and rich herbs plants. Susunia hill is equally popular for trekkers and mountaineers in the Eastern Ghats. Local People say, King Chandra Burma once built his fort on this hill. Susunia Hills gives a perfect view with the abundance of Waterfall, Natural Beauty and greenery, and the Gandheshwari river flowing through the hills.

Elevation:448 m (1,470 ft)
Geographical Location:23°24′N 86°59′E.(Chhatna, Bankura district, West Bengal, India)
Parent range:Chota Nagpur Plateau

Things To Do at Susunia Hill 

Basically, Susunia Hill is famous for its beautiful stone carvings structure, that is why Camping and Trekking activities are very famous here. A two-day rock climbing program and training sessions are held here for adventurers. 

However, even if you are not in this sport, there are many reasons for you to go to this fascinating mountain. Walking around the mountains fascinates with the magical beauty of nature. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the eastern ghats and admire the green blankets that cover them. 

In addition, here you can Discover the infamous Water Spouting Monolith of the great Lord Narsingh and drink its holy water which drops from the rock. Both the Gardeshwari River and its tributary the Darakeswar River cut through the hills and graced the Susuniya hills, bringing with them vitality. You can picnic on the banks of this busy river while enjoying the stunning view of the colorful green leaves and the colorful water created by the blue water of the river.

Bankura District is famous for designing Terracotta Item, in fact, these items are very popular in Kolkata main city in terms of selling.

These items are very affordable throughout the district. The famous horse of Bankura has now become a symbol of Indian handicrafts. 

In addition to shopping, enjoy special Bankura sweets such as the famous Pera or Mecha Sandesh. If possible, you can also try Mahua, a popular local drink of this place.

History of Susunia Hill 

An interesting fact about Susunia Hill is that it is an official fossil and archeological site! The expert found Thousands of years old fossils of animals such as hyenas, Asiatic lions, and giraffes have been found in many places around the mountains. 

It’s known that, in the 4th century, King Chandravarman was built his fort on Susunia Hill. Pushkaran was the capital of Chndravarman, once a time.

On the rocks, a sign of a wheel has been found on the hill. In addition, Devotee of Chakswami (Lord Vishnu), King of Pushkaran, son of King Singhvarman, King Chandravarman, these type of name has written on the place.

Attractions around Susunia Hill in Bankura

Other major tourist attractions of Bankura district such as the terracotta temple at Bishnupur and the Kangsavati Dam at Mukumanipur can be visited from Susunia. 

Biharinath hill, north of Saltora block of Bankura, is also nearby. Biharinath is the highest hill in Bankura district. Another notable place of interest nearby is Jhilimili, located 70 km from Bankura town. It has a wonderful view of the forest. In addition, Betur is one of the other famous historical places located here.

Best Time To Visit Susunia Hill 

You can visit Susunia Hill throughout the year. Early morning view of the Susunia Mountain is Wonderful.  The sight of the rising sun peeking out from behind the mountains when the delightful sky explodes in a palette of vibrant colors will surely enchant and even amaze you completely.

By the way, I am recommending visiting the Susunia between October to March. I have visited this Place in January with my friends, it was a great experience.

Summers are quite hot, The Susunia Mountains can be quite warm in the summer even though it rests at high altitudes.

How To Reach Susunia Hill 

From Kolkata, you can take a train from Howrah station to reach the Bankura Junction Railway Station which is the nearest railway station to Susunia Hills at a distance of 29 km. After reaching the station, you need to take the local car, cab or Bus to reach the exact location.

Apart from the train route, you can board Susunia bound buses from Bankura, Kharagpur, and Durgapur. But, if you are from Kolkata, first, you need to take Bus from Dharmatala to reach Durgapur or Kharagpur, Bankura city, Because there is no direct Bus from Kolkata to Susunia Hill, except a special Booked Bus.

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  1. Where is situated Susunia Hill?

    Susunia Hill is in southern West Bengal, India. Hill is located at Chhatna in Bankura district of West Bengal.

  2. How can I go to Susunia hill from Kolkata?

    Mainly there are 2 ways to go to Susunia hill from Kolkata.
    1. You can take Train from Howrah Station to Bankura Junction Railway Station which is the nearest station to Susunia Hill. Then you can visit the spot via Local Car.
    2. You can either book a Private Car or take a Bus from Dharmatala to Durgapur. And from Durgapur, you go to the exact spot, Susunia Hill.

  3. Which is the highest peak of Bankura district?

    The highest peak of Bankura district is Biharinath 448 m (1,470 ft). The area of Biharinath is 6,788 km2 (2,621 sq mi).

  4. In which rock inscription near Bankura has the name of the ruler Chandravarman been found?

    On Susunia Lipi rock inscription near Bankura has the name of the ruler Chandravarman been found.

  5. Who was Chandravarma?

    Chandravarman is a king of south-west Bengal (c. 4th century AD) who seems to have been one of the lesser-known political figures of Bengal before the conquest of Pundravardhana and Radha by the Guptas.


In conclusion, Susunia Hill is famous for its stock carving structure and that’s Trekking is very popular here. So, I hope you have got all the information about Susunia Hill of Bankura District near Kolkata City.

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