Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and Jungle Safari (2024)

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

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About Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is located 12 km away from The Riverwood Forest Retreat-Dooars, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. It is another famous tourist attraction of the Chapramari wildlife sanctuary in the Gorumara National Park. The total coverage of Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is 960 hectares. The Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary was announced as a wildlife sanctuary in 1998 for its widely known population of large Elephants.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is the ideal place for Anglicing and Boating on the flicker river flank. The shelter achieves its name from the word ‘Chapra’, which is standing for various small fish found in West Bengal, and ‘Mari’ means an ‘a lot of’.

  • Location: Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, India
  • Address: VVF4+V25, Upper Tendu Forest M, West Bengal 735223
  • Nearest city: Malbazar, Mainaguri, Jalpaiguri
  • Established: 1998
  • Government body: State Government: West Bengal, Government of India,

Attractions of Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

The main attraction of Champamari Wildlife Sanctuary is the watchtower in the vicinity of River Murti. The amazing location of the Watchtower of the Sanctuary lets viewers a flock of wild elephants in their natural habitats.

The Watchtower of  Champamari Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal place to see native and migratory birds on the bank of the river. In the winter season, people can see a huge amount of Migratory birds from the watchtower.

Flora and Fauna


Chapramari forest was considered one of the oldest forests in India, then in 1998, the forest considers Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sal, Teak, Shishu, Siris, etc. are commonly found in the Chapramari forest. In addition, there are different types of orchids such as accumbers, Oberonia, Dendrobium, gastrochilas, Chilochi, Bulbaffillam, Symbediam, and Luisa.


Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is home to elephant flock and Indian bison(also known as, Gaur). In addition, there are other many animals like Sambar, Barking Dear, Chital, and wild pork that are also found here. In this Wildlife Sanctuary, the Pangolin proliferates successfully, it is one of the few places, where it is done.

The glorious elephants of a Chapramari Sanctuary near the Watchtower of Sanctuary and Gaur frequently come. Besides, Elephants and Gaur, there are many native and Migratory birds found here like green magpai, Heena, Indian triop, scarlet minivate, and white-breasted Kingfisher.

History of the Sanctuary

The first time, in 1896, Sander, D.H.E., an Imperial Forest-Service Administrator send a Proposal to the British Rules Indian Government to develop Chapramari as a Tourist Destination in Bengal, India. But, at that time, there are are no positive responses from the British Ruled India Government. After that, In 1998 Government of India, declare the area a Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, and gave it the status of a national wildlife sanctuary.

The region is known as ‘Chapra‘, a variety of small fish found in North Bengal, and ‘Mari’, meaning ‘abundant’. Chapramari gets water from Teesta, Neora, Jaldhaka, and idols.

What Things To Do activities in Chapramari Forest

In recent years, Chapramari Sanctuary is becoming a more popular destination in Dooars for its green forest. Getting a Glimpsed of the flora and fauna of Indian Bison is not an uncommon thing in the Sanctuary.

The Best things to do at the Sanctuary are Jungle Safari and Lifting in Watchtower. Chapramari Jungle Safari is one of the most famous tourist activities in Dooars. Moreover, To add to its charm, the forest is surrounded on the west by the Jhilmil river currents of the Murti river and on the east by the Jaldhaka River.

Authority of Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary offers Jungle Safari by Jeep. Safari in Jungle by Car is a very Enjoyful and Chiling thing. After reaching the sanctuary, first, you can book WBFDC Banani Lodge at Murti which is run by the forest department. The Lodge Authority can arrange the safari car (which is an open Maruti Gypsy) ) for you including an entry permit, guide, and vehicle (not just for Chapramari, but Gorumara safari & watchtower visits as well).

Things to remember:

  • There is no necessary to book at WBFDC Banani Lodge. If you are staying in another Hotel or Guest House, you can also be booked a car Jungle Safari car. Simply, you need to go down to the ticket counter at Murti or Lataguri and book the safari by paying up all the fees.
  • You have to submit a Photocopy of your Photo ID Card at the Ticket Counter
  • Note that there is only a limited number of jeeps allowed in each time slot. Safaris/watchtower visits take place both in the morning and afternoon. 

Places to Visit near Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park is one of the prominent national parks of India which is around 20 km drive away from the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. This Park is cover  80 sq km It is quite popular among tourists due to its huge population of one-horned rhinoceros in the Dooars. Besides rhinoceros, there are other species of Trees, Wildlife, and Birds found here.

The most visited animals are rhinoceros, Asian elephants, sloth bears, hog deer, gaur, chital, sambar deer,  barking deer, wild boar, etc. In Gourmara National Park, people will see many birds such as Flycatchers, Indian Hornbills, Pheasant, Sunbird, Peacock, and many more.

2. Jhalong

Jhalong, Bindu, and Paren are some of the popular offbeat destinations in Dooars which you can easily explore from the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Basically, Jhalong is a village in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal that is located near the Indo-Bhutan border. From the village, you can see a great view of the majestic mountains of Bhutan.

3. Paren

Paren is another tourist spot to visit near the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary which is close to the Indo-Bhutan River. From the Paren Villages, you will see amazing Mountain views and illustrated views of nature.

4. Murti

Murti is just 9 km away and is famous for its mesmerizing natural beauty. which is located by the river giving you a great view of the Dooars Forest. In Winter, the place is heaven for migratory birds, especially on the banks of the Murti River is the main attraction here and become a popular picnic spot during the winter season. 

5. Bindu

Bindu is 10 km further from Jhalong. You can also visit another illustrated village point famous for its cardamom orchards. On the Jaldhaka River, the Bindu Dam attracts hundred of Migratory Birds. The Place, which is sounded by the Mountains and Luxurious Forest gives you an amazing vibe of Nature.

Accommodation: Where To Stay at Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Basically, there is 2 accommodation facility available at the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary.

  1. Chapramari Wilderness Camp:  This Camp is located in Pandora by the forest. With a Basic needed and beautiful lawn in front of the camp, there are several budget cottages available here. There is an amazing view at the camp where you can see a running train pass through the Bridge over the Murti River.
  2. Chapramari Forest Bungalow: This is an old 2 steroid bungalow but well maintained. Basically, this Bungalow is near the Watchtower, so, it is possible to see crowds here.

Best Time To Visit Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

In Wintertime, November to March Month is the best time to visit Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. During this time, the weather is very pleasant and there chance of getting to see more animals, especially in the morning and afternoon. By the way, The Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is closed from June to September because of the rainy season, and also this is the breeding season.

After the Rainy season, Shrubs and trees will grow full. which will reduce visibility and make it easier to see the animals. And also, There may also be occasional rain is some time at the forest.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Timings, Ticket Price 

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Timings:

Monday6:00 am – 6.00 pm
Tuesday6:00 am – 6.00 pm
Wednesday6:00 am – 6.00 pm
Thursday6:00 am – 6.00 pm
Friday6:00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday6:00 am – 6.00 pm
Sunday6:00 am – 6.00 pm

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Ticket Price:

  • Per person entry fee: Rs. 70
  • Video Camera: Rs. 200
  • Vehicle entry fee: Rs. 100
  • Guide fee: Rs. 180

How to Reach Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary has situated around  68 km from Siliguri. Malbazar Railway Station is the nearest railway in Chalsay. Chapramari is about two hours away from Siliguri, the main city of North Bengal. The entrance from Jalpaiguri goes through the dense jungle of the Batabari range. From the station or Siliguri Main City, you can take a local car or take Bus to reach the Sanctuary.

Location in Google Map:


  1. Is Chapramari a wildlife sanctuary?

    Basically, the Government of British India Conserves the wildlife of Chapramari forest in 1939. Then, Government gave it the status of a National Wildlife Sanctuary in 1998.

  2. Is Chapramari forest worth visiting?

    For those who want to enjoy the deserts of Dooars, the Chapramari forest is a must-see.

  3. Where is Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary located?

    The Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Jalpaiguri district, about 20 km from Gorumara National Park.

  4. Is jungle safari available in Chapramari Sanctuary?

    Yes, Jungle Safari is available in Chapramari Sanctuary like Gorumara National Park.

  5. What is the distance between Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumara National Park?

    The distance between Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumara National Park is 20 km.

  6. What are the nearby tourist spots in this Chapramari forest?

    The nearest tourist spots from Chapramari forest are Gorumara National Park, Jhalong, Bindu, Paren, etc.

  7. Can I get an elephant safari in Chapramari forest?

    No, You can not get an elephant safari in Chapramari forest.  You can only get a jeep car safari in the Chapramari forest.


Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the vicinity of Gorumara National Park is one of the popular wildlife sanctuaries in Dooars, West Bengal is also provides a Jungle safari with a view of Many animals. I hope you have found complete information about Chapramari wildlife sanctuary in this in-depth article.

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