Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary Trip in West Bengal (2024)


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In this article, I am gonna show to describe to you a great wildlife sanctuary, named Bethuadahari, which is located in Nadia, near Kolkata.

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About Bethuadahari

Bethuadahari is a great wildlife sanctuary near Kolkata, located in Nadia District, West Bengal. It is a natural place where you can see wild deer in the bushes and meadows. The forest of Bethuadahari is full of trees like shawls, arjuna, teak, etc. There is a marine range of saltwater alligators, including tortoises, rabbits, mongooses, birds, butterflies, and many more.

What are the Best Places to see at Bethuadahari?

The Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most diverse areas near Kolkata. With the guidance of the Forest Guide, you can take a walk in the forest to see and experience the wildlife and many birds. There are feed-pits around the sanctuary where you can see wild boar and deer. 

There is also a gharial (Indian alligator) rehabilitation center where you can see a healthy family of eight gharials currently sitting under the sun. You will find a shelter for turtles and herons in a shallow lake within the sanctuary.

When you enter the Bethuadahari Sanctuary, in a Nature Interpretation center where visitors can check out exhibits of stuffed alligators and soil models. A few minutes walk from Bethuadahari Jungle will take you to Bangaria Forest Plantation on the other side of the highway. This is an open area. People can come here to find different kinds of insects and birds. 

What are the Nearby attractions of Bethuadahari Wildlife?

Bethuadhari, this wildlife sanctuary is located on NH-34 in Nadia district. This place is around 24 km away from Krishnanagar and very close to Nabadwip town (birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) and Mayapur Iskcon Temple. In addition, When you go to Bethuadahari, you are on the way to the land of the Nawabs – Murshidabad. 

  • Iskcon Puspasamadhi Mandir
  • Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir
  • Plassey Monument
  • Sri Mahaprabhu Temple
  • Sri Devananda Gaudiya Math
  • Hijuli Forest 
  • Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math 
  • Mayapur Tourism 
  • Ghurni 
  • Nabadwip Dham

What Things to do at Bethuadahari?

You can take a guided walk in the forest for different birds, insects, and animals. Basically, there are many kinds of butterflies and birds in the forest, that love this, Bethuadahari is one of the places for fulfilling it. And as a wildlife photography expert, I am sure Bethuadhari will definitely not disappoint you.

There is also a beautiful natural lake in the forest with boating facilities for visitors. A visit to the Nature Interpretation Center can also be interesting to see an exhibition of stuffed animals and soil models.

What is the Best time to visit Bethuadahari?

You can visit the Bethuadahari forest throughout the year. It is one of the few forests in West Bengal that is open throughout the year for tourists, So, you can plan your trip to Bethuadahari any day. The rains cover the forest with green and winter brings some migratory birds.

How to reach Bethuadahari?

You can take any Government or Private Bus from Dharmatala, Kolkata to Berhampur, Malda, which is cross the Nadia District, and Bus will stop at Krishnanagar. From Krishnagar, Bethuadahari is around 24 km away. In addition, there is a regular Train from Sealdha and Kolkata Bethuadahari railway station.

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Lodging and dining facilities

Just opposite the entrance gate of the Forest, there is budget-friendly Private accommodation with non-AC and AC rooms. In addition, you will also find a Deluxe Resort within a 10-minute drive from the Forest Entrance Gate.

  • Deluxe Accommodation: By Driving a car 10 minutes from the forest area of NH-34, you will get a resort with the facilities of a Multi-cuisines restaurant, Bar, AC, and non-AC rooms with an attached western bathroom, manicured lawn, and so on. The resort overlooks green farmland with car parking facilities.
  • Budget Accommodation: A nice garden house surrounded by tall shawl trees just opposite the entrance gate of Bethuadhari serves as a clean and modest accommodation option for the guests. Guest House offers AC Room, kitchen facilities, and a clean Western bathroom and television. By the way, If you are not too keen on cooking by yourself, then the chief of the guesthouse will present Delicious Bengali food according to your choice.

In addition, from the guesthouse, you can also arrange a local spectacular car to visit Krishnanagar, Mayapur Iskcon Temple, Nabadwip.


  1. Why Bethuadahari is famous?

    Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary is a very popular wildlife tourist destination in West Bengal and near Mayapur Iskcon Temple. It is famous for breeding deer. The sanctuary covers an area of 67 hectares and was established in 1980 to conserve a portion of the central Gangetic sedimentary ecozone.

  2. What to see in Bethuadahari?

    Here, In Bethuadahari, you can trek in the forest with the help of a guide. You will find many kinds of Birds and Butterflies in the forest. It is the basket of Wildlife vibe.


In conclusion, For wildlife traveling and trekking in the forest, visiting Bethuadahari is a good idea. So, I hope you have got all the information about Bethuadahari Forest. Have fun and enjoy your wildlife Journey.

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