Purbasthali Bird Sanctuary Trip in 2024


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About Purbasthali pakhiralaya

Purbasthali is a village with a thana and a railway station in Purbasthali II CD block of Kalna subdivision of East Burdwan district between Katwa and Nabadwip. Purbasthali is just 120 km from Kolkata.

This Beautiful place is actually located on the banks of a beautiful Oxbow lake, built by the river Ganges. In winter, this 2 to 3 km long lake has many migratory birds. The whole of the eastern part (also known as the silent thief) is usually covered with fruit and flower gardens as well as vegetation.

StateWest Bengal
DistrictPurba Bardhaman
LanguagesBengali, English
Lok Sabha constituencyBardhaman Purba
Vidhan Sabha constituencyPurbasthali Dakshin, Purbasthali Uttar

Places to see at Purbasthali

There is an Oxbow Lake, Chupi Char on the banks of the Ganges in Purbasthali. This lake is known for its freshwater plant and abundant growth of clear water. There are also some fruit and flower gardens to visit. If you like to watch flying birds, it is the best place for you in winter, many migratory birds come in winter here. You can also take a short tour of a ruined temple and a few zamindar palaces in the vicinity of the village.

Nearby attractions Purbasthali

As a Tourist, you can not stop at one place, you can move from one place to another. When you visit Purbashthali, you can also visit some nearby places. There are some interesting places like Nabadwip, Krishnanagar, and Mayapur which are located nearby. 

As we know, Navadwip is famous as the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a Hindu devotee, and also a great place of learning in Bengal at one time. On the other hand, You can also visit ISKCON Temple in Mayapur, Mayapur is the headquarters of ISKCON. 

Things to do at Purbasthali

When the first rays of the sun kiss the water of the lake, ask the boatman to take you to see the birds. Morning is the best time to catch feathery friends. 

These are the best activities you can do at Purbasthali.

Bird watching

In the early morning or late afternoon, You can take a walk through the lakeside and orchard with your binoculars to see a variety of native birds. The local management committee has made Watch Tower at the strategic point. November to March is the best time to catch the glimpse of the Migratory birds in Purbasthali Pakhiralay.

Nursery Visiting

There are flower beds of various colors spread over a wide area throughout the year. You will find roses, camellias, carnations, petunias, marigolds, and others in every corner of the nursery in winter at Purbashthali. And, In summer, lilies, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums take their place.

If you want to learn about different types of plants, you can visit the Nursery, there are about 30 nurseries across a large part of the Purbashthali.


Fishing in the lake is one of the most funning and chilling things at Purbashthali Spot. Although net fishing is very limited and villagers are prohibited from using fishing nets for most of the year, only rod fishing is allowed.

You can find a suitable place by the lake and cast your fishing line. Some are the Common catches in Fishing Rods are Rohu, Katla, and many more.

Village Walks

You can start early and walk along the lake through paddy fields, mustard fields, and vegetable gardens. If you are coming from a City area, You can also take refuge in a quiet corner and watch the village life unfold before you. The village priests are rushing towards the temple, the vendors are selling their wares, the village elders are sitting under the banyan tree for the daily gossip session.

Boat ride

In Purbashthali, If you are planning a lazy weekend getaway, you can rent a boat for a few hours in the early morning or late afternoon.

Boating in Coastline with the gentle breeze and gentle sway of the lake water will give you an Amazing vibe. You can ask your boatman to line you up in the middle of the lake so you can catch a glimpse of the setting sun.

Oxbow Lake – Chupi Char

Oxbow Lake, also known as a Chupi Char at Purbashthali covers an area of ​​3.5 km. There are large and small, consisting of the eastern Gangetic isle complex, a Cluster of Island outside the lake. In the last 40 years, it has been transformed into a closed-loop, which has allowed the rise of the Lake which is formed by the Ganges River.

Best time to visit Purbasthali

October to March is the best time to visit the Purbasthali. If you are a bird watcher, you must go outside in the Early Morning and Late Afternoon.

how to reach purbasthali from kolkata

If you have your private car, you can take a ride from Kolkata in Barrackpore-Kalyani Expressway and then Continue STKK Road to Kalna, Dhatrigram, Samudragarh, and finally reached Purbasthali. 

In addition, you can also take the Train From Howrah or Sealdha Station to Katwa Junction. It will take around 2.5 hours to reach Purbasthali railway station. After reaching the station, Get up Toto or a local car to reach the exact location.

Location in Google Map:

Lodging and dining facilities in Purbasthali

The local Panchayat Committee has built a cottage in the area adjacent to Lake. All cottages are equipped with a hot-water geyser, TV, king-size comfortable bed, attached Western bathroom,  wardrobe, sofa-cum bed, and other amenities. In addition, you will get Bengali food facilities there.


In conclusion, Purbasthali is the best place for those who love to watch Birds. In winter, there are lots of Migratory birds coming to Chupi Char Lake. So, I hope you have gotten all the essential information about Purbasthali before you plan to visit the place, from this article.

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