Sandi Bird Sanctuary (Hardoi): Overview, Entry Fee (2024)

Sandi Bird Sanctuary

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Overview of Sandi Bird Sanctuary

Sandi Bird Sanctuary is located on Hardoi-Sandi road, about 20 Km. away from Hardoi Tower in Uttar Pradesh. With an area of  309 hectares, Sandi Wetlands is situated which is recognized as Sandi Wildlife Sanctuary in 1991. This wetland is popular for local and migratory waterfowl, aquatic plants, and Animals. There is a Footprint -shaped lake, named, ‘Dahar Lake’ inside the sanctuary. The Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai (BNHS) has listed the Sandi Bird Sanctuary as an “Important Bird Area”.

There is a river named, the Garra river which flows around the Sandi Bird Sanctuary. This Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary is to conserve and Protect Wetlands with many migratory Birds, Natural Habitats including many animals and Plants. Sandi wetland is also listed in its name on the list of wetlands identified under the National Wetland Conservation Project of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.

Fauna of Sandi Bird Sanctuary

In Winter, Sandi Bird Sanctuary is home to many Native and Migratory Birds. Most of the commonly found birds are the Eurasian Vijen, the northern shoveler, the Brahmani duck, the red-crested pochard, the coot, the gargoyle teal, Ibis Family, Shrewsbury, and many more. On the other hand, some of the native birds are white-necked storks, black-naked storks, black drongo, spoonbills, purple heron, Indian murhan, and many more.

In addition, the Sandi Wildlife Sanctuary also has Mongoose, Indian Hedgehog, and Fox, species of tortoises, including Indian soft-shelled tortoises, and Indian rooftop tortoises. There is a small Reptile population also available here including wolf Snakes, Rat makes, Red Sand Buoys, Russell’s vipers, and many more.

Sandi Wetlands of the Sandi Bird Sanctuary is also very important for Endangered Siberian Storks, at once a time, but now, these birds have not been seen here. The authority of the Sanctuary has built a Bird Interpretation Center for spreading awareness about the rich avifauna. Sandi Bird Sanctuary authority made a two-observation watching tower inside the Sanctuary for Bird Watching. The most commonly found trees in the sanctuary are Neem, Babool, Jamun, mahua, and khajur trees.

Sandi Bird Sanctuary Entry Fee and Timings

Sandi Bird Sanctuary Entry Fee: The Entry fee of Sandi Bird Sanctuary is Rs.30 Per person.

Sandi Bird Sanctuary Timing:

Monday10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Tuesday10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Wednesday10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Thursday10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Friday10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Saturday10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Sunday10.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Best Time to visit Sandi Bird Sanctuary

You can visit Sandi Bird Sanctuary throughout the year. The best time to Visit Sandi Bird Sanctuary is the month between November to March. The water Bird Citizen Chapter Program is held in January Month.

The climate of the Sandi Bird Sanctuary

In Summer, The Sandi Bird Sanctuary has a genetic plan from the climate with a maximum temperature of 48 degrees Celcius and, in winter the minimum temperature comes to 4 degrees Celcius. The experience of the area is good rainfall. The rainy season starts in July and ends in September.

How to reach Sandi Bird Sanctuary

There are 3 to reach the Sandi Bird Sanctuary.

  1. By Road
  2. By Train
  3. By Air 
  1. By Road: Sandi Bird Sanctuary is located 20 km away from Hardoi city Hardoi is around 110 km away from Lucknow. Hardoi is well connected by road to all the major cities around it such as Lucknow, Bareilly, and  Delhi. From Hardoi city, you need to rent a Taxi or Local Car to reach the exact spot.
  2. By Train: Hardoi is the nearest railway station which is well connected with the other popular station and it is well connected to Delhi and Lucknow and most of the major cities. After reaching the Hardoi Railway Station, rent a local car or Taxi to reach the spot. Hardoi is about 20 km away from the bird sanctuary.
  3. By Air: The Nearest Airport to the Sandi Bird Sanctuary is Lucknow which is connected to all other popular airports. The Sanctuary is about 110 km away from the Airport.

Location in Google Map:

Accommodation: Where to stay at Sandi Bird Sanctuary

Though Sandi is a small town, there is some following Accommodation facility available here. There are many 3-star Hotels available in Hardoi and Kanauj. Kanauj is around a 2-hour drive from Sandi Town. By the way, you can see 2 beautiful wetlands in Kanauj, Sandi Lake and Bahosi Lake. Kanauj is also well connected by rail, road, and Lucknow Airport. In addition, in Lucknow City, there are many Hotel Facilities available there.

Authority’s Contact Numbers of the Sanctuary 

Serial No.Name of InstitutionAddressPhone Number


To sum up, Sandi Bird Sanctuary is one of the best-chosen Birds and Nature tourist destinations with the view of Amazing Sandi Lake near the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I hope you find complete information about this Bird Sanctuary in this in-depth article.

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