Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary (Balasore) to Explore in 2024


In this article, I will show you the complete details of the Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in Balasore, around 273 km away from Kolkata.

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  • Trekking and Camping facility in the forest
  • Attractions of Kuldiha Wildlife
  • Best time to visit the place and why
  • Many more

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About Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary 

Kuldiha is a virgin wildlife sanctuary that is a happy natural home for many endangered species and a paradise for nature lovers. You can feel the wildlife of elephants, bison, giant squirrel, sambar leopard, varieties of birds like peacocks, hornbills, hill myna, and varieties of reptiles here.

Kuldiha sanctuary is located in North Odisha and is in the southwestern part of the Baleshwar district of Orissa. This Wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 272 sq km.

Name:Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary
Nearest City:Balasore
Coordinates:21.20°N 86.3°E
Area:272.75 km2 (105.31 sq mi)
Designated:January 4, 1984
Government Body:Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of Odisha

Places to see in Kuldiha Forest

Kuldiha Forest itself is the best attraction to explore. In this forest, you will many kinds of animals. In addition, The forest is also a Tenda elephant sanctuary and a lion sanctuary.

Outdoor Activity in Kuldiha Forest

You can go on an exciting trek from Nilgiris through the Kuldiha forest. In addition, you can also explore the forest while staying at Balasore. 

These are the most amazing 3 outdoor activities you can do in this Wildlife sanctuary.

  1. Trekking and local sights: As Tourists, you can trek the local area of the forest and with them to the nearby forest and dam areas to watch the sunrise or get a level of the land with the guidance of a Travel Guider and local. You can also experience the life of people of small forest villages in the forest buffer area.
  2. Camping: In the Middle of the Kuldiha forest, Camping is one of the magical experiences here.  Looking at the starry sky away from the light of civilization gives a great photographic opportunity.
  3. Experiencing Wildlife and bird watching: Kuldiha forest is famous for sambar, tigers, gaur, leopards, and elephants. There are many other wildlife available here such are,  rats, deer, hedgehogs, wild boars, cheetahs, giant squirrels, flying squirrels, crocodiles,  wolves, and many more. 

In addition, you can see various types of Jungle Birds, Mountain Birds, Eagles, Peacocks, and many more. You can wait in the watchtower, and salt hole to see the wildlife.

Nearby Attractions of Kuldiha Wildlife

These are the 4 main attractions around the Kuldiha Wildlife sanctuary 

  • Kuldiha Forest: The forest is dense with shale and teak plants. There are many carnivorous and herbivorous mammals available here and also contains a large herd of elephants. In the Watchtower and salt pits, animals are often seen.
  • Jodachua: Jodachua is one of the least traveled forest ranges in the Balasore district and is also nearby from Kuldiha Sanctuary. The red dirt roads of the forest lead to dense vegetation that is home to several species. In addition, elephants, Bison, and squirrels are often seen here.
  • Panchalingeswar Temple: This is for the Hindu religion. Basically, this place is named after the 5 Shiva linga. Panchalingeswar is Temple is a breathtaking place that is surrounded by waterfalls and forests. The gate of the temple offers a magnificent view of the surrounding valley.
  • Risia Dam: A small dam on the forest river, it is the main attraction in this area.

Best Time To Visit Kuldiha 

Basically, You can visit the Kuldiha forest any time of the year except the rainy season when the forest becomes inaccessible. If you are an adventurous person, you can also visit in the rainy season.

In my opinion, if you want to take full enjoy the glory of the forest, Visit the Kuldiha Forest from the end of February to March.

Ignoring the rainy season, because rivers and waterfalls flow with all their might and cause extensive damage to roads. Summers are cool in the forest and many orchids and wildflowers decorate the forest.

How To Reach Kuldiha Forest

You can reach the Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary in 3 ways, By Road, By Train, and also by By flight.

  1. By Road:  From Kolkata, the property is approximately 290 km away, and it takes around 5 hours via Kharagpur-Balasore-Bhadrak. When you reach Shergarh from Balasore by National Highway. Then reach Sujangarh from Shergarh via Nilgiri and Panchlingeshwar and after that, you have to turn left from Sujangarh to reach Kuldiha Sanctuary.
  2. By Train: If you take any express or local train, you need to stop at Balesore Junction which is the nearest station from Kuldiha. From there it is nearly 70 km away which takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach by car.
  3. By Flight: The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar which is around 240km away and takes a car 4 hours to reach the exact location.

Location in Google Map:

Accommodation in Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary

There are many tourist agencies and camps there. You can arrange Kuldiha Forest Safari from Balesore or Panchlingeswar in private care. And you can stay the night at the hotel or Tent.


  1. Are Chousingha found in Kuldiha wildlife sanctuary?

    Yes, Chousingha has been found in Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary. 

  2. When Kuldiha declare an ecologically sensitive zone?

    Basically, In 2012 a major fire spread in the forest. That’s why, In 2013, Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary was declared an ecologically sensitive zone.

  3. Is pet allowed at kuldiha?

    Yes, You can explore the Kuldiha Wildlife along with your Pet.

  4. Name of the river flowing through Kuldiha Forest?

    The name of the river flowing through Kuldiha Forest is Tangana, Kamala, Basudhar, and Vastal Nala.


In conclusion, Kuldiha Wildlife sanctuary is famous for Trekking and camping in the forest. In addition, this forest fulfills many kinds of wildlife of elephants, giant squirrels, and, a variety of birds. So, I hope you got all the information about Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary from this article.

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