Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary, Kodiakarai (Visit in 2024)

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Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary is one of the biggest and most popular Bird Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, and all over South India. In this blog post, I’m gonna show to you the full information about the  Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary before you are ready to go there.

Here, you will know about,

  • About Point Calimere Bird & Wildlife Sanctuary
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About Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary

Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary is located adjacent to and east of Kodaikarai and Kodaikadu villages of Tamil Nadu, South India where it joins the Bay of Bengal at Point Calimer on the southeastern edge of Nagapattinam District.  Protecting the area of 21.47 square-kilometer, This Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary was created in 1967 to conserved Fauna.

This Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary is famous for the large Flamingos and the large flocks of Waterfowl. This Sanctuary has an evergreen forest, a man little island, and Tidal Mudflats with Grassy Coastal Plain. Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary was declared a place of importance for the conservation of waterfowl and their marine habitats, on 19 August 2002.

History of Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary

Prior to 1968, Ptolemy referred to Point Calimere as Calligicum prom. The use of the term Point Calimere seems to date back to at least the early 16th century when Portuguese merchants began trading with the nearby town of Nagapattinam.

Revenue Department and the temple trustee manage the Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary and the forest, Prior to 1892. Then, Forest management practice in the area began in 1892 with the creation of the 14.75-sq-km (5.70 sq mi) Kodaikadu Conserved Forest

In the area, to increase biodiversity, there is several tree planting schemes are executed. This practice is to avoid planting new trees and to focus on removing the invasive Prosopis juliflora. Since 1959, A regular Bird Migration Study has been conducted by The Bombay Natural History Society. On March 9, 1998, a 45-meter  modern lighthouse was launched near Kodaikorai Beach and the area of Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary.

Flora of the Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary

Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary mixture of tropical dry evergreen forest and Wetlands. This Bird Sanctuary has approx 364 Flowering plant species. Which, 50% of plants are medicinal plants.  In addition to mangroves, there are tall, rumored-straight, evergreen Strycan trees (source of homeopathic medicine, Nax vomica), black-wooded, and Ceylon ebony. There is a type of dry evergreen species which is locally known as Palai.

Wildlife & Fauna of the Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary

  • Land animals: Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary have many types of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. One of the other species of the sanctuary has blackbuck antelope, Chinkara, Chausingha, and Nilgai, and the most numerous large animal in the sanctuary. In addition, some of the commonly founds animals of the Sanctuary are bonnet monkey, wild boar, Spotted Deer, Indian grey mongoose, black-naped hare, Small Indian civet, star tortoise, Jungle Cat, and, many others.
  • Marine animals: Typically, In the winter season,  Bottlenose Dolphins are seen on the shore of the sanctuary in the evening and morning. In the bird Sanctuary, there are many turtles are seen on the shoreline of the beaches. In 2002 a pair of Bryde’s whales were found washed ashore near the sanctuary. 
  • Waterbirds: Point Calimere  Bird Sanctuary is the second largest area of Mgrataory waterbirds in India. In Winter, the number of Migratory water birds touches the peak of 100000 with 103 species. Bombay Natural History Society researchers have studied and studied that, there are around 200000 Birds released over the course of several ornithological studies here in the past several years. These Water Birds came from Eastern Siberia. Norther Aisa, Rann of Gujarat, and many parts of Europe. Some Migratory Birds are Nordmann’s greenshank, spoonbill sandpiper,  lesser flamingo, spoonbill, darter, and many more.
  • Landbirds: This sanctuary is another best tropical forest in India with over 15 square kilometers. It is the place of a large variety of Migratory and resident land birds. The most commonly found resident species are brahminy kite, small green-billed malkoha, grey partridge, rose-ringed parakeet, and blue-tailed bee-eater.

Cultural Heritage of the Sanctuary

  • Ramar Padam is a small temple of Lord Rama which is located at the highest point of the PCB sanctuary. In the week of April, there are a large number of people gather at the place to celebrate Ram Navami.
  • Sanyasin Muniaswar Kovil Temple is located in the middle of Kodaikarai Road and the east bank of Muniyappan Lake. A special puja is celebrated here on 20th March.
  • Modi Mandapam temple is located near  Ramar Padam where people of all castes worship. Hindu legend says that Lord Bedarneshwar spent a night here with his wife in January-February. In the first week of March, there is a big festival is celebrated here.
  • Avulaiganni Dargah is the tomb of a Muslim saint located on the side of Rama Padam Road. 
  • The British Lighthouse is a 13-meter tall operating lighthouse built by the British in 1890 at the edge of Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary and can be seen 13 nautical miles at sea.
  • The Chola Lighthouse is a brick-and-mortar ruin near Point Calimer that the Cholas are known to have built more than a thousand years ago. As we know, in 2004, the sanctuary was badly damaged by the Indian Ocean Tsunami but still, it can be seen intercontinental area near the British lighthouse.
  • The Kodaikarai Lighthouse is a 45-meter tall modern aid located near Kodaikorai beach. It dominates the sanctuary and can be seen by sailors from far away in the ocean.

Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary Ticket Price, Timings 

Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary Entry Fee and Total cost: The Entry fee of Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary is Rs.20 per Indian and Rs.100 per foreigner.

  • Travel: There is Jeep Safari is available at the Forest Department office in Nagapattinam. The Cost of the sanctuary is between Rs.2000 and Rs. 3000.
  • Boat Trips: Boat trips can be arranged from Muthupet village (Rs. 1,200-1,500) through this area and water bird watching can be arranged. 
  • Guide Cost: If you hired s Guider from the Forest Department, it will cost Rs.300-500 per safari Drive.

Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary Timing:

Monday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Best Time to Visit  Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary

The Best time to visit the Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary is from October to February month. During that time, the wetland and Backwater are full of Migratory Birds such as Terns, Waders, Ducks, and many more which arrive in mid-November. In February Month, the weather in the area is very pleasant, Blue Sky. To change to see terrestrial animals like Pigs, Civets, and blackbirds, you can visit in Summer Month. To Sum up, you can visit Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary throughout the year but not recommend visiting during Rainy Season.

How to reach the Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary

There are 3 Ways, Road, Train, and Airplane to reach Point Calimere Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Nagapattinam is the nearest Rail Station and Tiruchirappalli is the Nearest Airport of the Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary. From the Station and Airport, first, you need to reach Vailankani Town to explore the sanctuary. And, from Vailankani Town, the distance of the Sanctuary is around 2.6 km.

Location in Google Map:

Accommodation Facility

In Kodiakarai village, there is a forest guest house called Flamingo House. First, you need to take permission from the Forest Department office at Nagapattinam, then you can book this Forest Guest House to stay. In addition, in Vailankani town, there are many hotels and resorts available to stay such are Udayam, Church View Suite and MGM Vailankani, and many more lodges.


  1. In which state is Point Calimere bird sanctuary situated?

    Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary is situated in the Tamil Nadu State of India.

  2. Is Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary a Ramsar site?

    On 19th August 2002, It was declared that Point Calimere Wildlife & Bird Sanctuary is a Ramsar Site in Tamil Nadu.


To sum up, Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary is one of the must-visit places in South India. This Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary is home to thousands of thousand Migratory Birds and there are many cultural heritage places near the sanctuary. I hope you find complete information about Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary in this article.

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