Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh (Visit In 2024)

Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

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About Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary and Keetham Lake are located in Uttar Pradesh. In 1991, This area was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary for the home of many species of Migratory and native Waterfowl. Firstly, The area of the sanctuary is around 4.03 sq km, then the Forest Department of UP planted more trees and expanded the area to 8 sq km.

Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary was named after the great Hindi poet. This sanctuary is a small but significant Bird Sanctuary withe many types of Birds, Flora, and Fauna. If you really love to watch Birds, and ornithologists, This Bird Sanctuary is the perfect place for you to see the rare Native and Migratory Birds.

Keetham Lake, Location, Water Management

Keetham lake is just outside Agra on the Agra-Delhi Highway (NH 2). Since, 2020, this lake has been designated a Protected Ramsar site.

There is a Bear Rescue Facility, a sloth bear rescue facility formerly dedicated to rehabilitating slave ‘dancing bears’. You can reach the lake from Keetham Railway Station. The Keetham lake is designed like Pentagonal Shape. Basically, this island has been artificially created for sheltering Migratory Birds.

The water of Keetham Lake is obtained from the Agra Canal originating from the Okhla Barrage on the Jamuna River in Delhi. Basically, the water of Keetham lake is used in Mathura Refinery Water Treatment Plant for using this water as Pure Drinking Water.

Birds of Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

In the Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, you can see many Native and Migratory Birds diving in the water of the lake. Here are the most commonly found Birds open-billed ducks, woolly naked ducks, heron,  Indian shag, juicy, cormorants, and many more. From all over the country, a large number of Migratory Birds come into the sanctuary.

Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary Ticket Price, Timings 

Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary Ticket Price:

CategoryIndian [INR]Foreigners [INR]
Entry Fees per Head30350
Still camera, digital/ non-digital / small movie camera / Handycam500/-1000/-
Scooter, Motor–Cycle20/-20/-
Car, Jeep [Light Vehicles]100/-100/-
Tourist bus200/-200/-
Forest Rest House (per suite/ per day)300/-900/-

Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary Timing:

Monday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

The attraction of Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Bird Watching

Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is home to more than a species of migratory and native birds. The Lake of the sanctuary is conserved with Abundant macrophytic plants. In Keetham Lake, the most commonly found seabirds are Cattle Egrets, Gray Herons, Cormorants, Bar-headed Goose, Lesser Whistling Teal,  Spot Billed Ducks, Wigeon, Pintail, Shoveler, Night Herons, Comb Duck, and many more.

So, here you can understand, that Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary offers a great opportunity for Wildlife lovers to see the winged Animals, Bird Habitats. Covering an area of 8 sq km and having a beautiful lake, it was recorded in 135 as an (IBA) essential bird area. 

Bear Rescue Center

Along with Bird Watching, you can also s a chance the many Bears. Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary launched Bear Rescue Center in 2005 with 25 Bears. Now, it is the home of more than 300 Dancing Bears.  The sheer number of bears makes it the world’s largest single-bear sanctuary. For the School community, it is one of the Best Bear zoos to gain know knowledge about the Bear.

Colonial nesting

The Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is a place of choice for colonial birds not only for the Indians but also from abroad. More than 5000 Colonial nesting birds skillfully make pulses, leaves, and other specimens in the sanctuary each year. This is a very interesting thing to see the Birds Build their own nest with their own skill. About 14 Herniary species, Storks Herni, Spoonbill, White Ibis, and Dartar roam with their creative nests which make this Bird Sanctuary a more unique place.

Boating on the Keetham Lake

Along with Watching Birds, you can also do Boating on Keetham lake. Before, doing that, first, you need to get permission from the Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary Authority.

Climate and Best Time To Visit Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

In Uttar Pradesh, the Climate condition of the Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary and the Nearest Keetham Lake area is Normal Hot in Summer and Normal Cold in Wither. July to September month is the Rainy Season in this area. If you are planning to visit the Bird Sanctuary, the Best Time to Visit the Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is in Winter Season, which is from November to February Month. Basically, in that time, you can see that most Migratory Birds came into the Sanctuary.

How to reach the Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

You can reach the Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary in 3 ways;

  • Road
  • Train
  • Air
  • By Road: This Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is easily accessible and well-connected with almost every place in Uttar Pradesh. From the Agra District, the Distance of the Bird Sanctuary is around 25km and from Delhi, the Distance is Around 180 km. You can easily reach the Sanctuary from Agra-Delhi National Highway.
  • By Train: Besides with Road Route, you can easily access the Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary by Train. Agra Railway Station is the Nearest Station to the Sanctuary. After reaching the station, you need to take a local car or Taxi to reach the spot which is around 30 Km.
  • By Air: If you coming from a long distance, By Flight is the Best way to reach here. The Nearest Airport to the Sanctuary is Agra Airport. You need to take off at the Airport, then hire a local Car to relocate to the Spot.

Location in Google Map:

Tips for visitors

  • I am recommending carrying a Bird Guide Book and Binoculars to identify the Bird. 
  • You, as a Visitor can wear Color Matching Clotaht that mixes with the surrounding area. Because Birds and Animals are easily scared by the Bright color of the Clothes. In fact, some Animals tend to attack Bright Colors.

Accommodation Facility: Where to stay?

Agra is one of the most popular cities in Uttar Pradesh where this Bird Sanctuary and Keetham Lake are located. There are many Luxiourus and Budget Resorts, and Hotel available in the area. You can choose to stay near the Taj Mahal, just a little distance from the Sanctuary All the accommodation options are in the vicinity of Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary.


In short, Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is one of the most Popular Bird sanctuaries in Uttar Pradesh for wanting many Species of Birds, Boating in Keetham Lake, and also for Dancing Bears. So, I hope you have got the complete information about the Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary from this article. 

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