Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary, Pune (Visit In 2024)

Bhigwan bird sanctuary

Who doesn’t wants a little touch of nature in the midst of a busy life? Here we bring you the ideal places to visit. Bhigwan bird sanctuary, from this name itself the satisfaction of bird lovers, is flowing. So what’s the delay for bird lovers and those who love to be in touch with nature this is for you.

This is one place you can’t avoid. are you ready to make a plan?

Hello friends, I am Somraj Mondal, the content developer at In this blog post, I will show you complete details of the Bhigwan bird sanctuary.

Here, you’ll know about:

  • History of the sanctuary
  • Flora and fauna
  • Best time to visit
  • Nearest Place to visit
  • And, much more information

Then let’s take a tour,

About Bhigwan bird Sanctuary

Bhigwan is a town on the border of the Ahmednagar, Pune, and Solapur districts in Maharashtra. This wetland serves as a heavenly treat for bird lovers. Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary witnesses the convention of various migratory birds of the country and abroad. This place will help you find your soul connection with nature. Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary is the catchment area of Ujjain Dham.

Apart from bird watching, it is also worth spending time in close proximity to the river and fishing. I think a tent is the best for camping in the middle of nature. Waking up in the morning, the cold wind of the north, the sound of the leaves of the trees, the chirping of the birds, the light touch of the Sun, a calm atmosphere, the softness of nature maybe it’s called Heaven. 

Boat Rides in Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary

How the mind dies of joy just hearing about boat rides. From Ujjain Dham Bhagwan lake spreads across the entire area. There are many organizations that provide boat rides that take you to various spots in the water that offer you unparalleled bird-watching opportunities. You can occasionally spot Flamingos as wastelands and fishes are an ideal; combination for them.

The great journey in the middle of the water to flow through the real cheat will give you an incomparable heavenly feeling. You will defiantly return home with some beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Bhagwan’s another attraction for fish lovers

The main livelihood of the people is fishing. You will see many fishermen while going through the water. You will see a lot of fresh fish caught in the nets of the fishermen. Also, you can eat different recipes for cooked fish.

Camping in Bhigwan bird sanctuary

The best way to spend your time in nature to spend at this place is camping over at night and waking up in the morning. You can have a peaceful time on your own or with friends and family. You can also take your own tent with you. Or there are various options are available. Just make sure your tent is in an admissible area.

Bhigwan bird sanctuary Timing

Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary Timing:

Monday6.30 AM–6 PM
Tuesday6 AM–6.30 PM
Wednesday6.30 AM–6 PM
Thursday6.30 AM–6 PM
Friday6 AM–6 PM
Saturday6 AM–6 PM
Sunday6 AM–5.30 PM

How to reach Bhigwan bird Sanctuary

Here I will give you some guidance on how to reach your dream destination.

  • By Road: You can travel with your own vehicle or other public transport on Solapur Highway around 105 km from Pune. State Transport like busses are avaible for Solapur. It will take 3.5 hr approx.
  • By Train: one can reach Daund and hire a Local taxi to Bhigwan. There are also 3 trains passing through Bhigwan town. Some trains listed are: Chennai mail’ Hyderabad express etc. 105 km from Pune city and 249 km from Mumbai, India.
  • By Air: The nearest airport to Bhigwan is Pune which is 105 km away from Bhagwan and the other is Mumbai airport which is 258 km away. These two are very well connected to the main cities in India like Kolkata NewDelhi Bangalore Chennai etc.

Location in Google Map:

Nearby places of Bhigwan bird sanctuary to visit

There are other attractions here:

  • Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary: It’s located in Tehsil Baramati in Pune. animal lovers need to visit this place.
  • Kumbhargon Bird Sanctuary: You can explore a complete list of bird species here
  • Bhuleswar Temple: It’s a lord Shiva temple. One of the most visited places.
  • Ujjain Lake: It is one of the breathtakingly beautiful places

Things you need in camping

There are some things which are more important during camping.

Let’s check your list 

  • First aid kit 
  • A proper sleeping bag
  • Insect repellent
  • Toiletpaper
  • Sunscreen
  • Headlamp and torches
  • Warm dresses for night’s stay
  • Water bottle and some necessary food items
  • Towel
  • Also, you need masks and hand sanitizer for your own safety
  • And proper tools for lighting fires

Always carry your necessary things with you while traveling.

 Best time to visit Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary

The best time to visit Bhigwan bird Sanctuary is between March and December. Flamingo birds love the winter season and they need less water for fishing so you can come at this time and you can enjoy this amazing view. Otherwise, some birds from the north come here at this time.


  1. Is Bhigwan Bird worth visiting?

    Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary is a nice place to visit. You can visit here from march – November. You can see migratory birds.

  2. When we can see Kranti Flamingos?

    You can see Kranti Falmigo in the winter season.

  3. Where do Flamingos come from Bhigwan?

    Both species of Flamingos are found in Kutch in Gujrat. However, Some birds Come from Southern Europe and the Southern Coast of Africa.


You won’t be disappointed when you get close to nature. This place, the Bhigwan bird sanctuary is one of nature’s gifts. The daily arrival of various foreign and native birds captures the hearts of bird lovers with their melodious songs. So why so much thought, spend this little vacation time in the heart of nature with your friends and family If you want, you can give yourself a little time in the midst of thousands of busy schedules and immerse yourself in this natural beauty alone so pack your bag and get ready for this amazing trip.

Now, I want to know from you:

Have you already visited or are you ready for Bhigwan bird sanctuary?

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